Have a great everyday

Positivity Space helps you focus on the things you’re most grateful for each day, resulting in significant improvements in general mental well-being and workplace productivity.

Progress, day by day

Businesses that use Positivity Space have reported a number of benefits including; happier and more optimistic staff, improved teamwork, reduced absenteeism, more generosity and compassion towards each other, and an increased culture of helpfulness.


Be grateful, every day


Note down three things you’re thankful for throughout your day. Your list is automatically saved at the end of the day and kept private — yours alone.


Look back and reflect


At any point, you can go back and see your personal timeline of entries for a bonus dose of your own positive feelings from the past — see how far you’ve come.


A moment of clarity


A calm relaxation space where you can unwind and free your thoughts, restoring balance and relieving stress through guided meditation.


Let off steam


If things get overwhelming, you can release negative feelings here and watch the words and your frustrations, float away.

Make it a habit

Positivity Space makes it easy for you to be more grateful, every day.


Daily, weekly, or at random, at the time of day you prefer, we’ll email you a reminder to complete your gratitudes.

Chrome Extension

Bring some positivity to your day every time you open a new tab in your browser. Download our Chrome extension.


Prefer a quick nudge? Get desktop notifications on your computer, or be reminded with our Slack integration.

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